Wardrobe Cleanout - What to keep and what to let go

Wardrobe Cleanout - What to keep and what to let go

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be overwhelming, particularly when you have a considerable amount of clothes and haven’t done a clean-out for quite some time. So, how do you decide what to keep and what to let go of? Here are 4 questions to ask when considering each item.


Does it fit?

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that no longer fit, you are not alone. A US study found that 85% of women have clothes in their closets that do not fit. Most women they surveyed kept three different sizes, with the expectation that their weight would fluctuate. The result can often be a wardrobe full of ill-fitting clothes.

Try to only keep clothes in your closet that fits you 
right now so that you can be confident everything you reach for in your wardrobe will look good.


Have you worn it recently?

If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in over a year, then it is time for it to go. This might mean letting go of clothes you have never worn, and you know this because the price tags are still attached! Or you might have a beautiful dress that you wore to a wedding or gala event that you only wore once and will never wear again. The good news is these clothes will have a higher resale value, so why not make money on these clothes instead of leaving them in your wardrobe to gather dust.

Allow your unworn clothes to find a home with someone who will wear them, and free up your closet space for things you do wear.


Do you feel good wearing it?

Wearing clothes can elicit many emotions, from the highs of feeling confident and happy to the lows of feeling anxious and self-conscious. According to Professor Carolyn Mair, a behavioural psychologist, we tend to be more confident when we feel good in what we are wearing. What clothes make you feel more confident and good about yourself? It is a particular colour, style or pattern?

Make sure every item in your wardrobe makes you feel good; otherwise, it’s time for it to go.


Does it suit your lifestyle?

Significant life events such as finishing school, having a baby, starting a new job, or retiring can impact your lifestyle and clothes. A global pandemic can have the same impact as well! Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I used to work full time in an office. That meant a significant portion of my wardrobe consisted of tailored dresses that I used to love wearing to work. Since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020, I have worked from home, and now I wear more casual clothes, which means I haven’t worn these dresses since!

Consider if each item of clothing in your wardrobe suits your lifestyle and if it doesn’t donate or sell these items.


Make money on your unwanted clothes

Cleaning out your wardrobe will take time, but the effort will be worth it. You will have a wardrobe of clothes you love to wear that makes you feel good and look great. And you can share the clothes you no longer want with others. If you are interested in selling your unwanted clothes that are in excellent condition, order a Reloved Wardrobe Seller's Kit.

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